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Thread: Can stress affect supply?

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    Default Can stress affect supply?

    My job has become very stressful in the past 2 weeks. With no end in sight...I'd get a new job if I could find something that paid as well (I am the breadwinner) but that is unlikely.

    Since I've had this increase in stress...and I am talking days of heart pouonding, stomach in knots kind of thing...it seems my supply has suffered. Does anyone know if there is a real, direct correlation between the two?

    Anyone have any experience with this? If you could not lessen the stress level, what did you do?

    I am really peeved about this...I hate being a working mom as it is...and now its hurting my BFing/pumping...

    Oh and for info..my son is 9.5 months and I've been pumping 3X a day for 6.5 months.

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    Default Re: Can stress affect supply?


    I just had to respond to your post - I lost a baby in December of 2005 and my DD is one month older than your DS!!

    I do believe that stress plays a part in supply. However, if you are experiencing the type of heart-pounding, stomach in knots kind, then your supply is probably suffering. I am the bread winner in our family too, so I understand the "not being able to leave" feeling. Is there any way you could talk to a supervisor and/or a coworker to help take some of the work load?

    Sending you lots of hugs!
    Sarah ~~ Wife to Shawn, Mother to Rebekkah Jane born 5/27/07

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    Default Re: Can stress affect supply?

    I wish I could! We've lost 4 key team members off our project in less than a year and noone has been replaced. All their work gets dumped on everyone else. The project manager is useless... I really hate my situation!

    Anyway, I don't know what to do about my supply. I wonder if taking fenugreek would help?

    As if there isn't enough to worry about...

    BTW...sorry to hear of your loss...I know how hard that is... hugs to you!

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    Default Re: Can stress affect supply?

    Stress doesn't really affect production, as much as it does inhibit let-down. It's more difficult to let-down when you're body is experiencing the "fight or flight" response.

    You might find some of the tips found on this page helpful:

    And here is a helpful article about nursing through stressful times:


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