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Thread: Fussiness at the breast

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    Question Fussiness at the breast

    My LO just turned 3 mons. yesterday. Everything has been good (so far) but latley she has been fussy at the breast. By fussy I mean thrashing her head around (side to side), scratching me, hitting me, pulling away while keeping my nipple in her mouth , etc... I just patiently keep putting her back on until she starts to calm down (sometimes 10- 20 mins after being at the breast or sometimes not at all). What could be causing this?

    Just a little more info:

    * She is already teething. She has one of her uppers coming through. She's drooling like crazy . Isn't this odd though for a three month old to have a tooth? I didn't think babies started teething until like five months+?? Could this be causing all this fussiness?
    * I've noticed that my nipples are sore between feedings. Not so much sore, but a burning sensation. I've heard thrush can do this, but I can't really see any patches of it in her mouth or on my nipples. Should I maybe swab her mouth and my nipples with some Gentian violet anyway?

    Thanks for all the comments!

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    Default Re: Fussiness at the breast

    I'm sure others will be on shortly with more help but here is what I have for you....

    Since she is teething her gums could be bothering her when your feeding her or maybe your having an over active let down?

    My DS started to teeth at 8 weeks no teeth as of yet...

    Good luck!

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