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    I am trying to figure out if I have oald. My son is 6 weeks and he now gulps at the beginning of each feeding, sometimes pulls off to breathe, is extremely gassy. I know when I pumped the other day for when I would be away from him the letdown was fairly strong but it never sprays when he pulls off. Also he usually eats every hour and a half but yesterday when I was away from him he went 2 hours between feedings with breast milk. I know i read that oald could mean he fills up on to much foremilk eating more frequently. Dr did not seemed concerned about his gas and checked his latch which was fine. His weight is great. I just want him to be more comfortable and less gassy. I see many people try block feeding but will he get enough since he is used to eating from both breasts at times.

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    Here is some good info on overactive letdown (OALD) http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html. So you can see if your baby is displaying those symptoms. Some babies are just really gassy. My daughter was really gassy, and I have a fairly forceful letdown on the right side. Often when my daughter pops off, milk will spray across the room . The good news is, as they get older they frequently get used and even like the fast milk flow. It used to bother her a lot when she was a newbie, but now that she's almost 7 months, if it's too much for her, she'll just pop off and resume in a minute and it doesn't phase her.
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