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Thread: Rotavirus- will only bf

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    Day 5 for us and its SO much better. Hang in there to everyone who is dealing with this nasty virus.
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    We had something awful like that before xmas last year. I was also told that pedialyte gets them hydrated a little faster than breastmilk, but mine wanted nothing to do with the pedialyte, so I just ignored that advice. They only drink water or bm so it didn't surprise me they wouldn't take anything else. I feel like they don't take into consideration the healing properties of breastmilk when saying you should give pedialyte too. Mine were throwing up for 24hrs straight and wanted to nurse after every vomit and I nursed them as much as they wanted, I got so dehydrated b/c I was sick too that I couldn't move but they were in pretty good shape considering.

    LOL, I actually have a friend that has to formula feed b/c she couldn't get bf to work, and her kid got this 2 weeks+ of diarrhea and she figured she'd try anything before subjecting him to invasive tests. I gave her my freezer stash of bm and after a couple days on that her baby's diarrhea went away and he was able to resume his normal diet. I'd like to see pedialyte do that!

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    For a long while physicians have ordered clear liquids during GI upset, because it is usually lighter on the stomach and keeps baby hydrated. Some believe the milk can upset the stomach even more. Recently though, many docs have strayed from that and just recommend pushing any fluid. I am a pediatric nurse and the docs I work with never advise to stop bf anymore, esp if thats the only fluid the baby wants! I would just continue to BF and actually try to encourage him several times throughout the day to BF and offer water/pedialyte as well.

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    We are just coming out of something like this. We spent 22 days in hospitals over the month of March and beginning of April. My pedi. advised to keep nursing as much as possible and he wants.

    If you do have to go to a hospital and are admitted, know that they HAVE to provide YOU the Mother with a meal if you are breastfeeding.

    Breastmilk is a clear liquid and is the easiest on a babies tummy, it is also absorbed easier and naturally it does not contain anything artificial that could further cause upset.

    For those of you that are severly battling this- keep your head up and stay on top of the dr.s! I have horro stories that I could tell all because dr.s fail to communicate with each other.

    My son is now on medication possibly for life becasuse of a stupid stomach virus that went on too long!

    Also if you go to the hospital have them do a
    c-diff test more than once. It is a bacterial infection that is highly contagious and my ds picked it up between hospitals. He was negative at our local hospital on Tuesday and we left there and were transfered to a specialist/children's hosptial on Friday where he was then positive. They treated him without taking into effect that what they were treating him with scews test results and kills off so much bacteria nad other things that you will never know if there was a bigger problem...Arghh! Sorry this is so long, I have been meaning to write for some time and saw this and knew I had to chime in for everyone's sake. Good luck to all of you with sick babies! Try and stay healthy!

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