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Thread: Rotavirus- will only bf

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    Default Rotavirus- will only bf

    My 15 m old has a bad virus. started throwing up non stop sat night. wasnt holding anything down. Very small guy to begin with. now down to 18 lbs. Hates pedilyte. Had to go to ER 4 IV yesterday. After that tolerated BM all night and morn. Has the diarreah now. Was told could last 2 weeks. I am SO frustrated cause dr's keep telling me to not BF and push the pedialyte but HE WILL NOT TAKE it and only wants to nurse. He is still an avid nurser and comfort nurses alot. At the ER hescreamed and clawed at me for 30 min before i said screw it i am not listening to them. He then nursed and fell asleep for 2 hrs. He has held down the bm since about 2 (now 5:30). What do i do? Do I just cont to bf exclusively or try to keep pushing the other fluids. Anyone go through this?

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    Default Re: Rotavirus- will only bf

    BM is considered a clear fluid, so keep nursing, mama. I am not sure why docs insist that you not BF while LO has a stomach bug, but I was told that, too. I quickly disregarded that info when BF was the only thing that made G feel better.

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    Default Re: Rotavirus- will only bf

    We just started this early this morning, I have a thread in this section called "HELP Breastfeeding and the Flu" maybe some of that info will help you too s mama

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    Default Re: Rotavirus- will only bf

    Going through it now. Its not fun. We are pushing fluids and easing off on solids as those seem to upset his tummy.
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    My daughter had rotavirus 5 years ago and was in the hospital for a week. I continued to nurse her throughout, she never took pedialite. My one suggestion to you would be once your child can eat some, to stay on the BRAT diet (bananas, applesauce, rice and toast). What will last the longest is the diarrhea and this diet seems to help. Also find your self some diaper rash cream as this may be an issue soon. Good luck


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    Default Re: Rotavirus- will only bf

    A few days ago I started a thread that my twins had turned two. I also mentioned in my post that the day after their birthday DS had developed a GI infection, and he was only tolerating MM. (Just a few posts below this one....)

    Your ER doctors are ignorant. They mean well, but they're wrong. Your MM is better than anything a machine could make. MM IS indeed considered a clear liquid. It is the most easily absorbed food that exists for your child, and has the right electrolyte balance for your LO's fragile system. In addition to giving hydration, it is the best way to give him some energy. How could a sugar-water-chemical electrolyte solution out of a plastic bottle be better than your fresh-made momma-juice? (Incidentally, a few months ago a helpdesk nurse incorrectly told me to put DS on pedialyte, and said MM was not a clear. I told her to check her facts, that MM IS a clear, and she called me back and said I was right.

    My little guy is finally (I think) getting over his bug. He has not been able to hold anything down other than MM for the last 5 days. Has had the diarrhea, too. Thank goodness we haven't had to resort to an IV, but we were considering it. In the end his pediatrician (pro-nursing) said to keep nursing and use our discretion. As long as he was able to hold down my MM then just give him that at this point. Each time in the last 5 days we have attempted to give any solids (using the BRAT diet, too) he has vomited. Poor thing is so hungry. Same thing happened when permitted to drink even water from a bottle. I think he tried to take in too much at a time -- like a whopping ounce quickly.

    I'm glad you were able to get the help you needed at the ER in terms of rehydrating your little one. As long as he keeps down your MM -- and he obviously wants it -- keep giving it to him. No need for pedialyte.

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    Default Re: Rotavirus- will only bf

    Hi Mamma

    My little one did the same thing, refused paedialyte but drank BM and water - only thing he would touch. We managed to keep him fully hydrated this way and he didn't end up in the hospital (thank goodness) but we just breadfed whenever he wanted and it seemed to do the trick. He did vomit some of it up in the begininng but a few hours later was able to tolerate it and keep it down.

    I say carry on BF if he is happy with it and is drinking it then that's awesome, you will manage to keep him hydrated and feel better as he is being kept close to you. Hope this soon passes mamma.

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    Default Re: Rotavirus- will only bf

    My little guy woke up this morning and promptly puked all over our bed. It's been 2 hours and he hasn't done it again and is nursing. I hope that this isn't it but if he does have it at least now I know what to do. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Rotavirus- will only bf

    We weren't diagnosed with rotavirus, but had something similar for a week (took another week or two to really be able to eat solids again). We nursed and offered water as much as possible. She would only eat little bits of applesauce occasionally, or a dry cracker.

    Some doctors are WAY out of the loop on nursing. KEEP NURSING!!!!!

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    Default Re: Rotavirus- will only bf

    Keep nursing momma.
    We are going through the same thing right now. Rotavirus, throwing up, no appetite, diarrhea and weight loss. Bm is the best thing right now. It nourishes and keeps him hydrated.
    My son had another ugly virus a few months back and we were told to continue bf. Breastmilk is not cow`s milk; it`s considered a clear liquid.
    Hang in there momma. Our doctor told us it should clear up in a week or so. It`s day 5 for us and he`s a ton better. He went from having diarrhea 10-12 times/day to about 4. Keep nursing...

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