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Thread: Is this OALD? Very weird

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    Default Is this OALD? Very weird

    I was wondering if it's possible to have OALD only in the 2nd or 3rd letdowns but not with the first??? My LO will trigger the first letdown and eat just fine for about 5 minutes, and then he will begin to pop on and off, sometimes with gulping noises, but act like he still wants to nurse? Sometimes he cries or fusses after popping on and then popping off again right away, with barely a suck in between.

    My milk doesn't spray out on it's own upon letdown. My breasts don't leak at all (I know, this is a good thing, right? ), so the only time I see a spray is if I compress my breasts. Then I will get a spray of 1-2 feet! If this happens on the initial letdown, I don't know why my LO will tolerate it at first and then start popping on and off.

    The popping on and off and gulping sound like OALD, but I thought that it would be worse on the first letdown, as my breasts are fuller. I have been trying switch feeding, but I am afraid of my DS not getting enough hindmilk. I don't think I have OS because I don't have a huge pumping output, and I don't often get engorged or plugged ducts.

    He is distractible, but he also sometimes does this pop on and off behavior in a dark, boring setting, or before bed. I have tried the laying back position, but he isn't able to do it very well. Could it be he is just not hungry after 5-10 minutes, even though he kind of acts like he still wants to nurse?? He doesn't seem like THAT efficient of a nurser. It's very hard to read my LO sometimes. I don't want to "overfeed" him. I know you can't really overfeed a BF baby, but sometimes after this whole routine, he will spit up a bunch, and he's not one to spit up with every feeding, so I don't think it's reflux. I just don't want to develop bad overeating habits!

    Any thoughts or suggestions? I am stumped.
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