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Thread: 6 month old choking

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    Default 6 month old choking

    My DS (6 months old) has been exclusively bf until about a three weeks ago when we started cereal with him. For the past few days, every time he feeds he chokes! I have a strong let down, but it has never bothered him before, in fact he always used it to his advantage to get fed quickly. These choking sessions are really scary. I feel like after choking a couple of times that he gives up and doesn't want to nurse any more. He will not take a bottle very easily, in fact rarely so I can't even pump for him to get it that way. Any advice as to why this is happening. I also feel that he is teething as an fyi.

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    Hmm... if he's teething, maybe there's an increase in saliva present in addition to bm?

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