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Thread: HELP! Breastfeeding and the flu

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    I hope everyone feels better soon.
    Below is some more info about breastfeeding during illness. The great thing about breastmilk is that it is so rapidly digested. If there is any amount of time between nursing and vomiting, chances are good that some of it was digested first, offering nutrition and hydration. Not to mention the illness-specific antibodies that are present!
    From LLL:
    Blessed (breastfeeding during severe vomiting)
    From kellymom.com (non-LLL):
    My baby is sick - should I continue to breastfeed?
    Take care,

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    Thanks ladies! After posting this morning DS ate 2 small pieces of toast, had some water and nursed then slept 2 hours. After waking up though I was praying and i mean PRAYING that the GOM was cooking hardboiled eggs. Lets just say he wasn't. But still he was doing okay until we gave him pedialyte which he almost instantly threw up everywhere. Bless DH for buying a pack of sposies with all the other laundry I'm doing today just so I have something to wear adn so we don't run out of towels I would be screwed if we ran out of diapers and/or covers

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