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Thread: will they ever get smaller?

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    Default will they ever get smaller?

    My breasts.. they are ungodly huge!!
    I was a 38DD before pregnancy and now 9 weeks postpardum I am a 42G!
    They are ridicoulously BIG & annoying.
    Will they ever shrink? BEFORE my breastfeeding career is over.. Or do I just have to wait until I wean her?

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    Default Re: will they ever get smaller?

    I found that the longer I nursed, the smaller they got.
    Also, you may think this is good news, but it wasn't for me: After I weaned my first baby, they were permanently smaller than before I got pregnant! I keep telling DH to enjoy them now b/c once I wean the little man, it's over
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    Default Re: will they ever get smaller?

    I was just telling my mom today that I've completely lost my boobs in this second year of nursing which is kinda disappointing because I finally felt like I had some, lol! So, yes, in my experience they have definitely gotten smaller
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