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Thread: Nursing strike? Teeth? What's going on?

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    Default Nursing strike? Teeth? What's going on?

    I know there have been threads about striking before, but I just wanted to explain our situation--sorry this is so long!

    Dd is 7 months old and for the last 3 days has been acting very weird. We were away all weekend at the in-laws and she won't niop at all--too much going on. Even when we find a quiet dark room in those situations, its usually a struggle to get her to eat--she fights it til I finally get a letdown, drinks just enough to take the edge off her hunger and then refuses to eat. Usually, when we get back home though, she is back to her normal eating pattern. I know she is hungry b/c she is fussy and she almost never fusses anymore unless she is hungry, tired or has a dirty/wet diaper. This time, though, we got home and she is still fighting me when she is hungry. I put her in the cradle position, in our "nursing chair", with her blankie (same routine as always--and she will never nurse without her blankie) and she screams like someone pinched her or like she is really mad at me. She refuses to nurse. Sometimes I can trick her into it using the side lying position, but she never eats a full meal during the day. The sitter says she does the same thing when she tries to feed dd a bottle--its a battle.

    Then, at night she nurses just fine--but she wakes up more because I know she isn't getting enough during the day.

    could this be her teeth? Or is this a strike that we will outgrow? Oh...I am getting so tired of fighting with her!

    thanks for any advice/empathy you might have!

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    Default Re: Nursing strike? Teeth? What's going on?

    I can totally empathize with you. Read my post here:

    Nursing Strikes and More

    It has been one of the most difficult things I've ever gone through ... totally emotionally exhausting. I was terrified that our special breastfeeding relationship would end way too soon. We did work through it, but still have difficulties, and it took a LONG time to make progress. We went to lactation consultants (one of which helped contribute to our problems in a big way), speech therapists (pediatrician wanted to check her swallowing and see about an "Oral Aversion), gastrointestinal specialists to confirm her reflux, allergy specialists ... EVERYONE was baffled as to what was going on. It was heartbreaking and scary. I don't have any answers, but I can understand where you are coming from and the feelings you are having.

    I was already doing all the things that they encourage for a nursing strike before it ever happened ... skin-to-skin contact, with a generous amount of holding, stroking and cuddling. Carrying her all the time, dressed only in a nappy and always using our sling. We have always co-slept and napped together, shared baths, I gave her infant massages. Night time nursing was our savior ... or nursing when she is going down or waking up from naps. When she was sleepy she always forgot about being "on strike" and loved to nurse again like she had before all the troubles began. I was very determined to stick it out and we did and have made MUCH progress now... it just took a lot of patience (every day I was sobbing because of it) and strength to continue. Good Luck and let me know how you progress!!

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