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Thread: Overactive letdown/colic at night!

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    Unhappy Overactive letdown/colic at night!

    Baby and I are experiencing symptoms of overactive letdown...almost everything I read about. Spraying, gulping, burping, chocking, crying, pulling away! I am feeding one breast at a time. I am even feeding from one breast for every two feedings. It seems like she never empties my left breast. My right breast will empty.

    Her stools are slightly green. Every night from about 8pm to 11am she cries, and screams! OH...I feel so helpless and sorry for her. She seems like she is in pain. She does not do that all day, just at night.

    Some one please help me...I don't want to give up!

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    Default Re: Overactive letdown/colic at night!

    You might have oversupply...green stools indicate too much foremilk. You are doing the right thing by block feeding and feeding from one side...how long have you been doing that? Maybe it just takes a while Do you burp your LO often? Mine needs to burp ALOT or he gets very fussy a while after feedings, especially at night.

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