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Thread: Nipple pulling/tugging

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    Question Nipple pulling/tugging

    My 2 week LO is nursing well-except for one thing that I have noticed in the past few days. When he gets toward the end of nursing he starts pulling/tugging at the nipple like a bird trying to get a worm out of hole. This is not comfortable @ all!!!! He is latched on correctly as there is no discomfort until he starts rearing his head back.

    He is gaining weight well-now weighing 8lbs, starting BW 7lb4oz. Dr thinks he might be going thru a growth spurt(@ 2 weeks???), because during the day he has started nursing every hour since this past sunday. At night, its every 2 hrs (I am grateful for the sleep).

    Any ideas? Suggestions?
    Thanking you all in advance
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    Default Re: Nipple pulling/tugging

    If baby seems to be done eating you could try to take him off when he begins to tug. Then if he still acts hungry he can try again.

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    It sure does sound like he wants something!

    You can try to end the feeding and offer a finger or paci to suck on, or maybe he's frustrated at the slower flow at the end of a feeding and you could massage and compress the breasts a little to give him milk a little faster.

    See here for a non LLL resource on how to do breast compressions
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