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    Hi ladies,
    I'm new here. I have a 3 month old daughter and a 17 month old son who both are nursing. Sunday morning I woke up from my sleep with my right breast hard and throbbing. I had slept on my stomach and thought maybe it was just a plugged duct. Since it was the weekend, I couldn't get in touch with my doctor. I spent the day resting and continually nursing and pumping to keep my breast drained.

    My mother is an RN and told me I probably had mastitis. She had some Omnicef antibiotics (similiar to the antibiotics used to treat mastitis), so after checking with the pharmacist at the local drugstore I took one. The next morning when I went to change my breast pads I noticed that the right one smelled of yeast really strong.

    I was able to get in touch with my doctor yesterday and they diagnosed me with mastitis over the phone and called in an antibiotic (different from what I took on my own).

    So my question is what was that yeast smell? I mentioned it to the nurse at my doctor's office and she really didn't give me an answer. I know that taking antibiotics increases the chances of getting thrush. Should I start taking acidophilous (or will that counteract the effectiveness of the antibiotic?)?

    Sorry this is so long! Thank you for reading this if you got this far!

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    Taking a probiotic like acidophilus is always helpful, and should not alter the effectiveness of the antibiotic at all. I've heard you can even smear a little yogurt- which is full of acidophilus- on your nipples to counteract yeast!

    I'm not sure what the yeast smell on the breast pads is, but it certainly pays to be wary of the dreaded thrush when you're on antibiotics. So, while you're on the antibiotics, you may want to wash your bras in hot water, cut down on the sugar in your diet, and if you're pumping, make sure you boil your pump parts and tubing and label any milk you plan to store as "suspect."


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