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    My lo is almost four months. For her first 12 weeks of life she was not much of a crier but ever since she hit about 13-14 weeks she has been much more moody...and usually at least once a day she has a really good long screaming fit of 10-15 minutes. I do not know what is causing this?? My diet has not changed. She is still eating with the same frequency. Any one else go through this at this age with their lo???
    Is it teething?? How can you tell if it is teething??? This is the only thing that I can seem to possibly pin it on.

    Also on a somewhat related note what are people's opinions on having a napping schedule?? I take my lo to work with me since my hubbie and I have our own office so its hard to have a real schedule with her naps because our routine changes from day to day. Some days we dont leave the house until 10 others we are out the door by 8:30...some days we have busier moments at the office than others. Do you think this could be a cause of her seemingly new crankiness? How important is a napping schedule at this age?

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    How wonderful that you can take baby to work with you!

    Fussiness can be caused by lots of things. As long as she is napping and getting plenty of rest throughout the course of the 24 hour day, you can rule out sleep as the issue.

    Here's a few helpful checklists you could look through, maybe see if anything sounds familiar?


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    I don't have any solutions, but I can commiserate with you. My LO started getting fussier around that time, which was also the same time he abruptly transitioned (on his own) from nursing every 1.5 hrs during the day to every 3-4 hrs. He is now 19 wks and still unpredictably fussy. Some days he is great and some days there is nothing I can do to make him happy, and it's just all I can do to keep him from melting down all day long. Thank GOD he sleeps pretty well at night or I would be insane by now. He screams if I try to feed him thinking he is hungry but he ends up not being hungry. He has no hunger or tired signals other than fussing/crying - I have read many sleep books and have watched him like a hawk and keep all sorts of logs for sleep, feeding, etc and he just does not fit any pattern. Tonight it took 1.5 hrs of inconsolability to get him to sleep - I don't let him CIO but he basically CIO in my arms tonight. He has never had colic and isn't like this every night - like I said, very unpredictable. It is really hard.

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