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    I have attended 3 LaLeche meetings and I am about to become a new mom anyday now. I have been applying Lansinoh to both breasts every night upon the advice of one of the Leaders due to my breasts being chapped and dry. I have been noticing that milk has been coming out of both breasts, just a little bit and from one of my breasts the liquid is tinged with blood. Is there anything I can do now that can correct this so when our baby is born, I won't have to deal with this problem?? Any insight would be great!

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    Hi There!

    First off, may I ask exactly how you know it's blood? Do you see streaks of blood, or is the fluid an orange color? If it's an orange color, no worries--the colostrum, which is what you're getting now, is often a very bright orange or golden color.

    If you're seeing streaks of blood, it's probably still no cause for concern. Sometimes a little blood vessel breaks. Sometimes there are tiny little harmless cysts that cause a bit of bleeding. You mention your nipples are chapped and dry--how did they get that way? Are they cracking at all?

    In any case, if it is bleeding, the bleeding should resolve itself soon. Even if it continues a bit when you actually start breastfeeding, the blood won't hurt the baby. However, if it doesn't clear up relatively soon, you might run it by your doctor.

    HTH and Congratulations on your expected new little one!
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    Thank you so much for getting back to me!

    I think that it is blood, because when fluid comes out, there is one spot that is red and the rest of the fluid is clear or a yellow color.

    As for my nipples, they are no longer as dry as they use to be, due to the fact that I have been using the Lansinoh cream morning and night. The only thing is sometimes it looks like my breast is chapping, which I don't know if that is a normal thing or not. I am just a little concerned and want to be prepared to breastfeed when our lil one is born.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanyaocchipinti
    The only thing is sometimes it looks like my breast is chapping, which I don't know if that is a normal thing or not.
    Have your breasts gotten larger during your pregnancy? Perhaps it is from the skin expanding. I had dry skin on my breasts and belly at the end of my pregnancy. It sure did itch!

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