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    My LO will be 9 mo's on sat and I plan to bf until she is at least 1 and go from there on where we both are before deciding on when to wean. I am just curious, will she let me know when she is ready or is this something I will have to do? Just trying to get info ahead of time. What is a good age for weaning? I have had lots of poeple start asking me when I was going to start doing this and I am more thinking now, that I am more worried on the how and not the when?
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    I weaned my son at one primarily because he would not sleep through the night and I needed sleep, and pumping at work was becoming too much (I am a teacher with limited time). Sometimes I think I should have gone a little longer, but I am happy I did it for a year. It only took a few days so I tend to think he was about ready anyway.

    My sister's two kids have both been different. Her oldest one weaned himself at one when she was away on a business trip for a few days. When she got back, he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. Her youngest (18 months) still nurses at night and shows no signs of weaning anytime soon. She co-sleeps so he continues to nurse several times during the night.

    I think you have a good plan. Just keep going until it is clear to you that either he or you is ready.

    Good luck!

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    Yes, all children are different.. and all families are different. Lots of kids do wean around 20 months. Mine didn't.

    Before having dd I just thought kids naturally started weaning as they ate more solids. But as time went by I realized that nursing was more than "food" and that (at least to me) weaning before one was unnaturally young. So I just went with it for a few months and then realized that dd was in it for the long haul. I was proud to reach the age of two because of WHO recommendations and the host of benefits for a toddler. I was never sure how I felt about nursing a three year old and played around with weaning starting around 18 months.. but suddenly I was nursing a three year old. After she turned three it became clear that she was growing out of the need. She probably would have weaned on her own, but I pushed the process along gradually. Like the pp, the fact that it was easy to wean let me know that she was ready. A mother knows... if the child is not ready, weaning is tough. If neither of you are ready it's really tough. For the next several months, you will hear people ask when you are going to wean. There's a certain point where they start to look "too big" for nursing to many people. I don't get it.. I know that MY child seemed a little big... but a 9 month old?? Well, anyway..

    When you are READY to wean, the "how" is easier. When you and baby aren't ready, that's when "how" seems daunting. When I was ready to be done, weaning was easy... but again, she was three.

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