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Thread: Funny lumps?

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    Hmmm ... I guess it's not our day around here. I just noticed this funny lump in my right breast. I know breasts can be lumpy when nursing, but I've never noticed this before. I'd guess it's about the size of a pea, doesn't hurt, and I have no other symptoms. I have had blocked ducts before in both breasts, but I have no signs of one now. I took an ibuprofen and will do a hot compress just in case it's the beginning of a blocked duct. FWIW, I have been to the OB within the past month and she did a breast exam, which was fine. Has anyone experienced this? What was it?
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    i have been breastfeeding for 9 months (exclusively pumping) and have quite a few lumps throughout both breasts. i also had fibrocystic breast disease before nursing. i am not sure what these lumps are, but i didn't have them like this before bf'ing. sometimes they are worse than other times, and sometimes they are painful. i have struggled with plugged ducts off and on too.

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    Keep an eye on it and watch that it doesn't get bigger. Some women can get cysts while bf, but you want to watch for any unregulated cell growth as well. I would call my dr if I had any concerns.

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