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Thread: Dr. won't approve Herbs - Supply dropping

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    ITA....I would look at the side effects/risk of taking it... I didn't talk to my Dr either. I use gnc Fenugreek (3 pills 3 times a day) and I drink mother's milk tea (from rite aid) and I eat oatmeal 1/day.... Iknow jessica mentioned not the instant, but I use the 1 minute oatmeal and it still works! Even eating oatmeal cookies, and those oatmeal bars helped...

    Good luck....btw fenugreek is also good for head colds and congestion!
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    Default Re: Dr. won't approve Herbs - Supply dropping

    An IBCLC, homeopathic doctor, midwife or qualified herbalist may be able to discuss herbal use and side effects with you. An IBCLC may also be able to refer you to a knowledgable and supportive health care provider.

    Always consult with a health care provider before taking any herbal or prescription galactogogues.

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