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Thread: You gave her WHAT?

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    Stick to your guns. I like the "what you did with your children is your choice; this is my child" approach.

    My ds is 10.5 mo and still hasn't had a Cheerio. I'm not comfortable with it. He hasn't had anything crunchy for that matter. I'd prefer he had more teeth/molars. That's my choice as his mom. That being said, I can see my mom experimenting if she wasn't told not to do something specifically.

    I'm just trying to see why she would've given them...did she not have any other food or bm to give to your lo to where she was left to her own devices? She needs to respect your boundaries.
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    This is so hard . . . I always get really tired of the "I have no idea how you all survived" comment this weekend we were visiting family in NY and my dad gave my lo root beer!!! and my mom gave him a sip of coke I was freaking out! I told him lo (almost a year) had not even had cow's milk yet . . . lovely my lo had root beer and coke before cows milk ugh! I love my parents . . . but stuff like this frustrates me. I hate the thought of lo having that stuff . . . but I know in all reality the couple of sips is not going to hurt him . . . so I don't want to be mean . . .but I still don't want him to have it! such a hard balance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jewelsf View Post

    I wish I had your gumption!
    It's much easier when it's your own parents... I can't say that I would say that to my inlaws

    However.... That's what my husband is for! I stick up for my LOs best interests with my parents... and my husband is responsible for his. Although, he is much nicer about it.

    The LOs 1st birthday is 2 weeks away. She refuses all solids. We've explained this 153 times when we are made to feel like bad parents for not having a cake for her. So, do we stick to our guns with "no cake", or, do we let them give it to her and watch as she gags and throws up all over (at her expense)? Sometimes we want to give proof that we do, in fact, know our own kids -- however, it would be at the cost of our children...

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