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Thread: 7 month old biting

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    Default 7 month old biting

    My DD has a front tooth now and is biting during feeding. I am so bruised..it hurts to nurse or pump. How do I get her to not bite?

    One more thing..Just made an international travel to India. How long will the body take to adjust to the daytime/nitetime reversal and supply? Its about 11.30 in the morning now & I just pumped. I got less than 3oz. At work I used to get close to 4oz at noon time pump

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    Default Re: 7 month old biting

    When she bites, I would tell her "no biting" and remove her from your breast. I don't have any suggestions for time changes, your baby probably hasn't completely changed her schedule yet so hopefully your body, her body and time will all work together.
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    We're in the same boat -although I'm by no means complaining bc all thoughout teething my lo has been an angel. He hasn't bitten me, except now! Now that his tooth is actually, nearly all out he's taken to nibbling. I always tell him "NO!" What I do more though is pay attention to what he's doing to anticipate if he's in a biting mood and keep my pinky ready to unlatch him -boob self-defense!
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