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Thread: A couple of questions

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    Default A couple of questions

    My daughter is 4 days old. Since the beginning I have had trouble latching her on the left side, she just likes to take the nipple. The people at the hospital didn't help me because it was a bad over crowded and understaffed place, the lactation consultant didn't meet with me till my last day there. Anyway, now my nipple is red and blistered. How can I get her to latch right?

    Also, my right breast is still horribly engorged no matter what I do. It has the little pebbly things in it that you get with clogged milk ducts but I know I'm not clogged. When I nursed my older daughter I used to get clogged on that side, but she preferred the left. Now this baby has trouble on the left but my right breast doesn't work very well it seems and may clog again so what do I do?

    Also, I just have to say how nice it is to have a nursing baby again! I nursed my 1st daughter up through this pregnancy but it's been so long since I felt that sweet letdown sensation or got to see the little "milk face" of a fully fed, sleeping newborn!

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    Default Re: A couple of questions

    Is there a leader in your area that you can see? That might help to see someone in person about positioning and latch.

    Here are some (non LLL) videos that might help you



    This might be something that you could try as well

    Infant Self-Attachment

    The Baby Knows How—To Breastfeed, That Is

    She might be having some trouble because of the engorgement, here are some idea's and info on that

    Reverse Pressure Softening


    I know that's a lot of info!! I hope there are some idea's to help you in there, keep at it and doing what you are doing. There is nothing like those milky smiles
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