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Thread: ok so Im not there yet but the night

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    I'm going to "disagree" with Shelly - but only in that it IS learned behaviour and because of the potential for the teeth, hes learned nursing helps him feel better.

    Try to take things one night at a time Most of us, if not all have been there and will be thinking of you.
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    Except...when he is not teething he doesn't not wake up 8times a night to nurse or stay on my tit for 4hours. He gets nursed down, if I get back up he will nurse when i come in at 1am or if I stay with him he will stay down until 4am and either way he nurses at around 6am for about 20minutes. So if he's not teething ,or fighting a cold he only nurses 2-3 times a night. And life is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ's Mom View Post
    And life is fine.
    yes, my son comfort nurses, and I comfort forum!
    teeth counter now scoring: 11!
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