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I also get that all the time for food allergies. I counter by saying that our knowledge of food allergies has greatly improved. That 20 or 30 years ago there would be a LO with bad rashes and eczema and vomiting and chronic diarrhea and nobody would know why and just assume that they were a sickly kid. Now with the current knowledge you'd probably look at those symptoms and assume allergies. I had an epic dislike of eggs when I was a LO (and still don't like eggs). We think that I had an undiagnosed egg allergy and that the doctors at that time just weren't as aware of food allergies.
This is kind of OT but allergies are sort of "new" in a way. They have never been as widespread as they are now due to the terrible condition of our guts, because of our mothers not being breastfed, for one thing. Similar causes for the increase in asthma and autism have been hypothesized. This paper talks a little bit about why this has happened: www.behealthy.org.uk/gaps.pdf