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Thread: BF and teething...

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    Sorry this post is a bit long... My LO is 14 weeks old and I think that she is teething. She has been drooling a ton, sucking on her hands constantly and on her bottom jaw it is white in the front.
    She is absolutly fine, the problem is I am feeling rejected. When she get hungry I try and nurse her, she will latch on for a minute, then pull off and cry, then latch on again and repeat over and over again. She will eventually give up and just suck on her fingers, but I know she hasnt had enough. So I have been pumping and giving it to her in a bottle. She takes the bottle okay, but still "chews" on it.
    I dont want my supply to decrease from her not nursing enough, I work and I currently am just pumping what she is eating +/- 0.5 oz a day. I also worry that she isnt getting enough- I know that me worrying is just silly, b/c DD has more than enough wet diapers every day- but I still am worried that she will start to lose weight if this continues much longer.
    I guess more than anything I just need some reassurance that everything will go back to how it was and (fingers crossed) how long it will take. My DH (with completely good intentions) keeps trying to reassure me by telling me that DD has been BF for 3 months and thats better than most moms and babies do (he was a formula baby). I have even lost track of the number of times he has suggested just giving her some formula. He just doesnt understand. Not only do I hurt from her not nursing physically, but emotionally I feel like she doesnt want me any more. I dont want a formula fed baby and spend every free moment I have at work pumping. I just feel like giving up and in to formula- even though thats not what I want, or my LO needs.
    Thanks for listening.
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    Default Re: BF and teething...

    My baby boy 15 weeks today, has exactly the same symptoms since week 11-12. He is really drilling and constantly scratcing his gums! The doc informed me that this is gum-preparation, it doesnt mean that teeth will come out soon..

    More or less his behaviour when eating is the same. What I do is when he pulls off while nursing , I put my finger in his mouth and move it so that it eases the itchiness. He seems more comfortable after that, and continues eating. This is worse in the morning and gets better in the evening/night. At the end I manage to keep him on each side for 5-10 minutes, less than what he was used to in the past.

    I dont feel my supply has decreased though.
    good luck!

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    I have a 3yr and a 1yr and I remember when my second one hit that stage and I couldn't remember my first doing it. But I think drooling at this age is just a stage and it will subside I am sure. My LOs were always in bibs it seemed at that age.

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