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    [COLOR="Magenta"]My daughter is almost 15 months old now and last month she completely weaned herself. I tried for days and days to get her to latch on and she wasn't having it. She started walking 2 weeks ago and after only 2 days of taking steps she was full blown walking without falling. Now that she's walking thats all she wants to do.
    I know I should be proud of myself for nursing for 14 months but I'm not. We had so many up's and downs I am surprised we lasted 14 months. Choosing to breastfeed her was the best decision I could have made.
    My other 2 kids were formula fed and we had major issues with their eating and we still do with my son. Kayleigh loves to eat anything and everything and I feel the breastfeeding has a lot to do with it. She's only had 1 ear infection and my son had them non stop. I am sure your getting my point. Even though she's still petite she really thrived off of the breastmilk. She's 16lbs and 26in butthe other 2 kids have fast metabolisims so I am sure she does as well. She's nice and chunky, very healthy. The timing came at a good time. The arthritis is unbareable in my ankle so I will be put on painkillers just to cope with it. I do miss the bonding time and that feeling of knowing my breastmilk was making her thrive. She still can not go on whole milk, her system still can not handle it.
    My son goes for his speech evaluation on April 16, maybe someone could say a prayer for him. This evaluation is going to answer so many questions and my question about if he's suffered any hearing loss due to so many ear infections. He had a double ear infection back in January and it was really bad. After his evaluation he's getting a 2nd set of tubes put in.

    Right now I can't help but to feel down about her weaning but I know it was going to happen sooner or later. Anyone else feel sad after their child weaned?

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    I think we all feel sad, no matter if one stops BFing by choice early or a child self weans after a year (or much more!). My DS1 weaned at 14 months due to my pregnancy, I honestly think it was much harder on me than it was on him.
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    You gave her such a wonderful gift mama. You worked SO hard BE PROUD!!!!

    Thinking of you
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    You indeed did a great job by breastfeeding her this far.

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    I was incredibly sad when DS weaned at 22 months. It was definitely harder on me than it was on him!

    Congrats to you, mom, on giving your LO the best possible start!

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