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Thread: Not taking EBM..Help!

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    Question Not taking EBM..Help!

    I have been BF since day one
    I have an over milk supply @ night so I pump then freeze into bags.
    My LO is 11 weeks & whenever I want to leave the house & the hubby tries to feed him through bottle he screams! he wont take it, just like a paci
    do any of you ladies have or had this problem? and how can I fix it?
    now I'm thinking will he ever take the EBM? should I even continue to pump?

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    Default Re: Not taking EBM..Help!

    There have actually been a few threads lately about this, you are not alone!

    There are some good suggestions in these - sometimes you have to get creative and try a lot of different things, it may take some time, but usually you guys will finally figure something that works!




    Here is a great (non LLL) resource about pumping and bottle feeding the breastfed baby.
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