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Thread: Shallow latch - how to fix

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    Default Shallow latch - how to fix

    Neither of my boys is a good latcher. They were born at 36 weeks and are currently 6.5 weeks old. One of my twin boys does not open his mouth wide enough when I'm tryin to latch him. I try everything I can think of stimulate his rooting reflex - but he never opens wide like a yawn. I've even tried the game where u say "Open" and wait for the baby to imitate you but it's not working. I have some beat up nipples as a result and dread feedings

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    Have you tried a nipple sandwhich? different positions that may allow for a better latch? Try to bring your baby to your breast instead of the other way around. Also make sure he is awake, I always found a sleepy baby = lazy latch.
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    lots of babies that are born early don't nurse well untill after thier due date.
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    Try pulling his chin down on a bit when he latches on and make sure he's close to your body...if you tuck his bottom towards you it should help position him where his chin is touching your breast and his nose is not in your breast. Do a google search for Dr. Jack Newman..he has a good article on latching.
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