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Thread: lazy latcher,distracted feeder at 4 mos

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    Default lazy latcher,distracted feeder at 4 mos

    So LO has been gaining steadily every month (1lb 9 oz, and 1 lb 6 oz past two months). But the past couple of weeks, she's become a real lazy latcher! Sometimes I get a lightning bolt of pain because she's just chomping away at my nipple. Then she'll start complaining at the boob and tugging. I delatch , and sure enough my nipple's white and no milk's coming out. I switch breasts and within a minute or so, the original breast is is squirting milk as usual.

    I've also noticed she's far more distracted. Even when she does latch well, 10 minutes later she's looking around- at the computer and even cranes her neck around and stares at the blank TV screen and gets fussy. It's almost like she wants to me to turn it on. (I try to keep a no TV policy during the day so she's not distracted from eating and napping.)

    Now I'm wondering if she's craving stimulation and just less interested in eating in general. She's an active kid, no doubt about it. She very chatty, and is a lap baby who likes lots of back and forth talk, movement and playing with rattles and paper. She likes to co-sleep but spends the first half sleeping next to the bed in the bassinet. She ends up in bed with us latched on and sleeping from the wee hours until getting out of bed.

    I have to force her to get two 2-hour naps by putting on white noise. She'll get sleepy when she eats, but fights going anywhere but on my lap or in the swing by day. If I don't put on white noise, she'll just chat to herself in the swing until she gets impatient and starts crying. The car seat and stroller are variable . Sometimes she'll settle in and nap well- other times she'll scream like a scalded cat.

    I would chalk this up to normal development if it weren't for her weird weight gain this past week. She gained almost 4 ounces in one day two times last week, but then lost in it poo explosions in subsequent days. She ended up with zero net gain this week, which hasn't happened since she was just born.

    Is there something I'm missing or could be doing to keep her weight gain on even keel?

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    Default Re: lazy latcher,distracted feeder at 4 mos

    Babies are easily distracted at the age. They "awaken" to the world around them, and it is difficult to keep them at the breast. With my LO we did most of our nursing right before and after naps, and through the night. Here is a good link to info on babies being distractible.


    IMO a 2 hour nap is awefully long for a 4 month old. I wouldn't try to force it. I was lucky if I got 20 minutes at a time. You could try to start a schedule, but expect changes as the baby starts teething, having growing pain, or any other number of things that wake them and throw their schedule off.
    When it comes to weight gain, babies have growth spurts where they will eat alot, sleep alot, and gain, and then they have "down time" so to speak, where they won't eat as much or gain as much. As long as he is peeing and pooing and healthy...
    hang in there! HTH

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    Default Re: lazy latcher,distracted feeder at 4 mos

    My lo is 4 months gestationally. She has become chatty and easily distracted as well. I can get her to nap in the am by bathing her and putting her to sleep-sleeps 1-2hrs in her swing. I go on her cues and don't wake her. In my opinion, it is probably a development stage and all very normal.

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    Default Re: lazy latcher,distracted feeder at 4 mos

    It's normal for weight to go up and then not. That's why weight measurements are generally taken no more than once per week.

    I recommend the link that Kathryn posted for suggestions regarding distractablity. Here's another:

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    Default Re: lazy latcher,distracted feeder at 4 mos

    My LO is 3 1/2 months and has started almost the exact same behavior (I felt like I was reading our story when I was reading your thread). I've been nursing her before and after her naps and that has helped a bit. I try to sneak off to a quite place whenever possible (she loves trying to see what her 4 year old sister and 2 1/2 year old brother are up too!). But when all else fails, I try talking to her and singing to her when she's latched on. Sometimes it seems to work, like the sound of my voice is catching her attention long enough for her to get a little something to eat! Hope this phase passes quickly and hope things work out for you as well...just keep trying!

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    Default Re: lazy latcher,distracted feeder at 4 mos

    In some ways, I thought that 4 mth age was harder than the beginning. They are just squirrely around that time. They get distracted and start having opinions but don't know what to do with them. It will get better, just keep on going. One more thing, most babies I have heard of start with napping trouble around 3-4 mths, there's just too much to do so why nap. It takes months sometimes before they settle down.
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