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Thread: Mastitis, thrush, and more questions.

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    Default Mastitis, thrush, and more questions.

    (This is more or less a duplicate post of the reply I recently posted to my first thread, but I am recreating it here in hopes of getting some additional views/responses...)

    I have a 20 day old LO and despite jaundice, thrush (in both of us) and what seems to be a milk oversupply or overactive let down and not the most supportive husband, I have been exclusively breast feeding him from day one (with the exception of a few bottles of expressed breast milk to make it through the night, thrush, mastitis, etc.). I am happy to say that at his last weight check he had gained a whole pound in less than a week.

    Now, for the bad news,

    1. I have mastitis in both breasts,
    2. The thrush is back in both of us,
    3. When I pump, I am only getting about half of the production that I was getting before the onset of the mastitis, and
    4. My LO is somewhat refusing to nurse again, I think due to the thrush.

    I am being treated for the mastitis (doxycyclin and terazol suppositories just in case of a vaginal yeast infection) and the thrush (continuing to take swish and swallow nystatin left over from the first infection, terazol cream for infected nipples, and another single dose of diflucan).

    Additionally, we are continuing to give my LO the nsytatin left over from the first outbreak (at roughly 6-7 days).

    So, here are my questions:

    1. What can I do to protect my milk supply through the mastitis and the thrush recurrence? I am applying warm compresses and nursing and/or pumping as frequently as possible, but am very worried about the apparent reduction in supply.

    2. Is there a different course of treatment for this second bout with thrush? It seems more resistant this time in that the first go round, the visible thrush in my LO mouth was gone after about 2 doses, but this time I can still see it in his mouth after 36-48 hours of the oral nystatin. Is there another course of treatment for me?

    Thank you in advance for any insight, advice you might have! The advice I've gotten on this board so far has helped pull me through many a difficult day and night. Before my most recent medical maladies, my LO really seemed to be getting the hang of it and was latching on better (finally!) and this most recent set back is very disappointing!

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    Default Re: Mastitis, thrush, and more questions.

    heres some links with more info

    be sure to check on this one about recurrent mastitis

    are you resting?
    thats an important part of kicking mastitis!

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    Default Re: Mastitis, thrush, and more questions.

    It really sounds like you're going through a lot!
    But it also sounds like you're doing pretty well, too.
    I also had Thrush about a month ago, sandwiched in between a respiratory infection and the stomach flu.
    While my LO never became symptomatic, her ped had us use Nystatin for her while I took Diflucan orally.
    I never used suppositories to prevent vaginal yeast infection, but I did start taking Acidofilis pills (got at Whole Foods) three times a day.
    My midwife also recommended I mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 1 cup of water and rub the mixture on my nipples immediately after nursing.
    She also had me expose my breasts to fresh air and sunlight for as long as possible every day. (Yeast hates sunlight.)
    As for the mastitis, I don't have personal experience with that, but my sister did have problems with it when she was nursing.
    She did warm compresses and also used to put uncooked rice into the leg of a stocking, tie it in a knot and microwave it until it was fairly hot. Then she would use that against her breast.
    Good luck! Keep trying to nurse as much as possible, and maybe pump some (if it's not too painful)to keep your supply up.
    I hope this helps a little.
    and lots of cloth diapers!

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    Default Re: Mastitis, thrush, and more questions.

    Oh do I feel your pain! What I found out is that most of the time one difflucan doesn't get rid of thrush. Make sure you wash your bras in hot water and lay them in the sun too!! Mastitis of coarse needs antibotics which can make thrush worse or cause it. We used nystatin in LO mouth even thought she had no sign of it and nystatin on my breast as well as the difflucan. As fas as mastitis try try to learn to catch it before. Lots of warm compress or hot baths, lots of fluids, rest (like that is possible), and nurse/pump and don't forget to massage the area. Lo may not want to nurse because of the thrush but keep trying and hang in there. We have had 2 cases of thrush, 2 cases of mastitis, and clogged duct several times so I know what you are going thru..... Hang in there
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