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Thread: What can I give him????

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    Walmart also carries the mesh feeders and im sure alot less expensive than babies r us, i just saw them yesterday and was thinking of getting another one. My lo loves it. My LO did the same things at mealtime and whenever i was eating or drinking, she loves to eat, i cant sit down to eat without her screaming and crawling over to try to get in my lap for what im eating. The mesh feeder keeps her busy so i can eat without little fingers grabbing my food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollandperformancehorses View Post
    Ok.....DS is 6 months. I really don't want to start solids, but he REALLY wants our food. Is there something that I can give him while we are eating? I let him suck on a piece of watermelon. WOW did he LOVE that. I am feeling like he is ready, but he is still thriving on just bm. I wanted to wait until he was 1 year old, but I know he's not going to wait that long.

    Also I still feed him every 2-3 hours, but what can you give them in between on these HOT TEXAS days? He is always grabbing for our water. I know if I get thirsty he probably does too.

    I think it would also help you to look at the signs of solids readiness that LLL has on their main page. Here's the link: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/solids.html

    Some folks say its ok to wait until 1 year to introduce solids. Some docs say that's too long to wait and that it could interfere with baby being able to properly eat solids and cause probs. There are opinions on both sides of that debate. Bottom line though, I think you'll be doing the best thing for your baby by watching the baby, and reading the signs of solids readiness from the above link. If baby is showing the signs that he's ready to start eating solids, then I think you need to really consider that.

    If you scroll down the page in the LLL link, you'll find the info from the AAP as well.

    My best advice for you, is to not hold on to the idea that you must wait to introduce solids for a whole year, but watch your baby and make the choice to introduce solids when he's ready for solids. In the first year, solids aren't really a large part of baby's diet anyway. They're mostly practice, how to chew and swallow, how to eat basically, but they do provide additional nutrition. It's also good to continue to breastfeed first before any solids for the first year, so that breastmilk continues to be the main source of nutrition.

    If you do your research and make the choice based on what your baby's ready for, you'll make the best decision for your individual child.

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