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Thread: ? about Beechnut Good Morning/Good Night foods

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    Default ? about Beechnut Good Morning/Good Night foods

    We had a coupon for Beechnut's new Good Morning and Good Night purees. DH bought a few and as I looked at the ingredients I noticed that there is heavy cream in two of them. One is a stage 2 (labeled for 6mos and up) and one is a stage 3 (labeled for 8mos and up). Both have the warning that the product contains dairy. The cream is the last ingredient listed on both. So, my question is should I worry about giving this to DD who is 8 mos? She's had yogurt with no problem. There are no allergies in either of our families and she's done all the fruits and veggies with success.
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    Default Re: ? about Beechnut Good Morning/Good Night foods

    If she has had yogurt she should be fine with the heavy cream.
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