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Thread: Desperately Seeking SLEEP

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    My LO is 4 mos old and I can't get him to go longer than 2 hours between feedings. This includes over night and I'm *dying* from a lack of sleep. I plowed through the first three months during my maternity leave but now that I'm back to work this lack of sleep feels dangerous. I wobble when I stand up and my mental capacity is severly diminished as a result. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my LO to stretch out his feedings through the night? Clustering the feedings doesn't do any good since he's already eating every two hours during the day too. He's gaining weight and length and looks great, it's me who looks like a wreck.

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    i don't have much advise but lots of and maybe a cup of coffee

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    are you guys co-sleeping? we didn't at first because i had a c-section to recover from and couldn't nurse lying down on my side. after the first two months or so, we took ds into bed with us and it was LIFE CHANGING. once i got the hang of side nursing, and could fall asleep while ds was attached, i felt so much more rested the next day. ds sleep better, too, of course!
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    When I am my groggiest (SP) between 4am and 8am, I bring Owen to bed with me and lie down to nurse. Truly at this point there is nothing you can do to stretch feedings. The first three months of LO's life you need to demand feed....no getting around it or you will wind up with supply issues months down the road.

    Hang in there momma...I am in week 5 and am getting used to the sleep deprivation. I drink a nice big cup of Joe in the morning and keep on truckin'
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