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Thread: longer feeding sessions at 11 weeks

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    Default longer feeding sessions at 11 weeks

    sry to be posting so sson after my last question..

    But when lucas was born, he only ever used to feed 10 mins 1 side..and was like that all the time...these last few days..his feeding sessions are lasting 40 mins to 50 mins...he is not feeding any more times...he remains feeding 8-9 times a day..but the feeding sessions are much longer. He also seems to be rejecting the cross cradle hold we previously used..if rejectig is the right term...he will feed fine like that if he is sleepy, ie the middle of the night feed.....but other than that he will only feed with me lying down and him across me.....which i started due to oald the last cpl weeks...but now he seems to only want to feed like that all the time, unless it is a middle night feed, or towards the end of a feed i can sit up and he will then feed in the cross cradle.....would the change in position maybe explain the longer sessions? and also if he will only feed with me lying down, i feel like im going to be stuck in the house for the next few months!
    Samantha ---- Mom to Lucas, born 19th Jan 2008..and Georgia, born 8th June 2009
    Lucas 8lbs 1oz born at 42 weeks..now 27lbs at 20 months....bf exclusivly till 10 months then partly till self weaning at 17 months
    Georgia 8lbs 12oz born at 39+4 now 14lbs 5oz at 14 weeks...bfing going strong despite a shaky start

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    Default Re: longer feeding sessions at 11 weeks

    Sounds like your LO may be feeding longer to boost your supply as part of the growth spurt process.

    As far as positioning goes, I guess you can just keep trying out new holds until you hit on something the both of you can live with. Any luck with a sling?

    It will pass. For awhile I felt a bit chained to the couch, but then I realized that feeding and caring for my LO is my first job. Then I settled in, knowing the dishes and laundry can wait! Remembering to feel lucky to be able to be with LO 24/7 instead of having to go work and leave her with someone else made me actually OK with that period.

    But it can still be tough!

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