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Thread: Is this going to affect my supply?

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    Default Is this going to affect my supply?

    So, I work very part time ... about 16 hours a month. Today was my first 8.5 hour shift since DD's birth. I plan doing this two times a month. Well, my 8.5 hour shift turned into a 10 hour shift, and I was soooo extremely busy that I could only pump two times while at work . I was able to get 13 oz from those two sessions, but I had planned on pumping at least three times while away from DD. DD has had great weight gain and usually nurses every 2-3 hours around the clock (sometimes more at night). The most she has ever gone without nursing is about 6 hours maybe 3 times. Anyway, my concern is of course that this will affect my supply. Should I not worry about it because I work so infrequently (and because DD nurses so much when we're together)? As a side note, DD only took one bottle from DH while I was gone (meaning she only ate about 4 oz in 12 hours ). Thanks!

    Also, FYI, I have had no supply problems and if anything have had oversupply at times.
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    Default Re: Is this going to affect my supply?

    That would be the equivilent of having one late feeding. It's HIGHLY doubtful that would decrease your milk production at all. Besides, it sounds like your baby is waiting for you, and will be nursing extra when you're together.

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