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Thread: trying to encourage weaning/having potty accidents

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    Default trying to encourage weaning/having potty accidents

    Ok my daughter will be 2 next Sat and was just about potty trained until recently when I started to encourage weaning she has lost some interest going on the potty. I started putting her on the potty when she was 11 months old and she would go regularly, until she lost interest last time when I put her in her own room instead of co sleeping. At that time I gave up on the potty and stuck with the seperate bed in her own room thing.

    Now this time alot is happening at once with her turning 2 I have told her I wanted her to start trying to go to sleep at night without nursing to sleep and to cut back on nursing in general. Plus it seems like we are having more battles lately with more 2 year old melt down stuff.

    I feel like I need to refocus my technique with her meltdowns for one, but I am not sure if I should give up on my desire to wean because she is having potty accidents again.

    I really would like to end our nursing relationship nicely so I am confused how to handle this because she is still very attached to nursing. I am a single Mom and have a hard time keeping up with her intense need to nurse. She is such a comfort nurser, that keeping it to bed times and morning was more of a battle for me then anything. Plus I really need her to learn to sleep without nursing. ugggg

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    Default Re: trying to encourage weaning/having potty accidents

    I don't have experience with weaning but I would do one thing at a time if I were you. For example, if your priority is potty training first do it until she is completely potty trained. Then start encouraging weaning slowly. Then after she is completely weaned start encouraging sleeping in her bed. (or in another order according to your priorities.) If you force more than one change at a time, they may scare her and make her resent to all of them. My son is approaching to his 2nd birthday too and in order to change something in his routine and still make him hold himself together, I try to make things really gradual.

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    Default Re: trying to encourage weaning/having potty accidents

    I have two girls, one is 5 and one is 3. In my personal experiance 2 is really early to be potty trained! Both my girls were (mostly) dry around 3. My 3 year old still has some accidents. I've read that it IS possible to potty train early BUT to expect the possibility of setbacks. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it may have nothing to do with the weaning whatsoever!
    2 is also a rough age.

    I would do as the pp says and try to focus on one major change at a time!
    Good luck mamma!

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