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    yesterday i had a very hard tender, bruised feeling in my 1 breast.....it came on suddenly....and i also felt very ill....i was shaking and felt very cold....i had a warm bath..and massaged the area and fed from that side a cpl times in a row....by the evening i had started to feel better...today i still have some slight tenderness, and the area on the breast where the hard lump was (which has almost completly gone now) is very red, but not very hot too touch...im wondering tho..does this sound like it has gone? despite the redness and tenderness? i wondred if that was maybe caused by me massaging that area? as i say it feel much better today apart from that...
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    i had the same situation yesterday, except for the flu-like symptom and redness of breast. I also did massaging on the affected area and it helped a whole lot. i feel better now, the pain is gone. i still feel a little lump and is still nursing frequently. here's a good link.


    i hope you feel better.

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    Sounds like what I have had twice now. With shaking flu like symptons and redness...it sounds like mastitis. There are many different schools of thought on this one as far as medication. My lactation consultant had me take dicloxicillin. My baby and I had no adverse reaction. If you still have flu like symptoms, a fever, redness...you should go see your doctor just to be sure. Mastitis can get worse. It is best to bf as much as possible. I pumped after feedings. Hope this helps.

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