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Thread: Taking a Bottle

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    My 10 week old will not even take a bottle at all. I have BF since birth but would like to be able to get out every now and then for some me time. Is anyone else in this situation? Can anyone tell me how to get him to take an occasional bottle? He is eating every couple of hours. He will just scream when you try to give him any type of bottle. I have tried several.

    Thank You In advance for your Help!

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    when i went back to school i went through the looking for a bottle my LOl would take she gagged and fussed with all the diff ones we tried till we tried the breastflow by first years she dont have a problem with them at all..

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    Have you tried having someone else give him the bottle while you are not in the room? I wouldnt want the fake thing if the real thing is right there for me. :0)
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    Sometimes babies have a really hard time with bottles, trying different nipples (always use the slowest flow) and you might find that one works.
    You can also feed baby with a cup, spoon, or eyedropper - but these of course take a little more patience and are a little messy.

    The PP mentioned that most babies will not take a bottle with their mother even in the house. If he can smell you then he will wonder why in the world he should take a plastic nipple over the warm soft version he's getting.

    Sometimes holding baby in a different position or walking with baby and trying the bottle can help, warming up the nipple a little, or playing around with the temperature of the breast milk can help.

    Here's more info on bottle feeding the breastfed baby, he's still pretty little, you might have to give him some more time to get used to the bottle.
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    One thing that we tried was giving her the bottle when she was really drowsy, like not quite all the way awake yet. She was waking up from a nap, just rooting a little and squirming, and my husband was able to get her to take it. Me not being the room also helps. Good luck!

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