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Thread: FTM Needs Help with newly fussy eater (19 days old)

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    Unhappy FTM Needs Help with newly fussy eater (19 days old)

    In the hospital the nurses told me my baby was the textbook picture of a perfect nurser and should show other babies how it’s done. When I first brought her home 4 days later, she was favoring the left side. My midwife advised me not to give her a choice and to start her out from the right side, which I’ve been doing since. Now, she nurses fine from the right side (or whatever side I offer her first). She may start off okay on the second side, but at some point she gets fussy/frustrated. She’ll begin to pull away and then fuss to get back on, bobbing her head and turning it or crying and flailing her arms and fists. She wants to eat, but for whatever reason she does this and prevents herself from easily latching back on. Once she does get back on, she’ll push away again with her arms, or pull away again with her head. Once this starts she won’t stay latched on. She’ll keep turning her head or pulling my nipple away and then letting go. The fussiness and screaming ensues until I’m able to finally get her to sleep (this takes a LONG time). It’s clear that she wants to eat, but I don’t know why she pulls away.
    She is gaining well and eats several times a day—every time she wakes up and if she doesn’t go right back to sleep, she’ll eat again before she does. She was 8 lb. 15 oz. at birth, 8 lb 4 oz when we left the hospital and 9 lb even at her first doctor’s visit 5 days after she left the hospital.
    I would certainly appreciate it if anyone could offer me any insight as to why my baby is going through this fussy eating period. Thank you kindly!

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    Default Re: FTM Needs Help with newly fussy eater (19 days old)

    It sounds like she's full and just wants to suck. My LO would do this also. When I put her on the second breast she would pull off everytime she got milk. All she wanted to do was suck on something to help her sleep. I know a lot of mother don't like pacifiers, but I used one early on ONLY when this happened. My daughter still uses a paci to sleep but doesn't need it and could care less if she has it during the day. See if your LO is pulling off when she gets milk. She could be getting frustrated because she's tierd and just wants to suck. Hope I've helped.
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    Default Re: FTM Needs Help with newly fussy eater (19 days old)

    PP had a good suggestion but here is a link that might help you spot the problem http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...e-nursing.html

    Hopefully that helps you see a pattern. Keep us posted.

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