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Thread: Questions about herbs..

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    Default Questions about herbs..

    I originally starting taking Fenugreek & Blessed Thistle a couple months ago to increase my supply. At the time I was pumping for my LO who was still having a hard time learning how to nurse. It has been almost 3 weeks since he started nursing exclusively -- no bottles and no pumping.
    My question is this.. What will happen if I stop taking the herbs? I hope I will not experience a decrease in supply. Is this a possibility? We worked SO hard to get where we are. Hopefully someone out there knows the answer?
    Thank you!

    I'm also a little concerned about weight gain. I posted the dates and weights in my signature. I started exclusively bf'ing on March 17th and I just feel like he should be gaining more. I really don't know how much they are supposed to gain at this age - is it still half a pound to a pound a week? And also should I start counting wet/dirty diapers again..? He has plenty per day, not sure on the exact number though.
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    You can check the link in my siggy for more information on weight gain and diaper output. Let me know if you have any questions after reading it.

    There is some information on herbal galactogogues and their side effects in the sticky at the top of the "Relactation and Induced Lactation" forum. You might also talk to an IBCLC about these herbs. LLL leaders are not medical professionals and therefore cannot give medical advice. Talk to your health care provider. Maybe some of the mothers on this forum who have used these herbs can talk to you about their experiences.

    HTH. Hang in there!


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    I took fenugreek for many months because I lost a lot of supply when I started a hormonal BC. It was over 5 months that I took a TON of those pills. Then I was thinking that they were getting so expensive, and I also learned that fenugreek was an appetite stimulant (thanks Babygurl for telling me that one).

    I weaned myself off the fenugreek and found other things that were more helpful for milk production in the long run.

    * I slowed down a bit and make time for skin to skin contact every day with my baby
    * I eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast sprinkled with brewer's yeast
    * I drink enough water every day (to thirst) and cut back on coffee and diet coke
    * I eat more green leafy vegetables and lean proteins
    * I take time out for myself and get enough sleep every day/night

    I didn't cold turkey stop with the fenugreek but lessened the amount of pills each day. Then once I stopped I think I worried about it for a few days, but my supply just bounced back naturally with no problems. I think I didn't need it and the fenugreek was like my 'dumbo's feather' lol.

    You will do what's right and if you feel your supply is really low you can always go back to taking the herbs! HTH.

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    Default Re: Questions about herbs..

    dumbo's feather'
    That perfectly describes how I feel taking Fenugreek.

    After dealing with low supply & slow weight gain, I am scared to stop taking the "magic pills". My LC suggested cutting back and weaning off them. which I am doing slowly, I want to make this my last bottle of fenugreek! I'm eating oatmeal & drinking lots of water to try to give my supply a natural & affordable boost.

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