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Thread: 6 week old really moving when i feed

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    Unhappy 6 week old really moving when i feed

    my 6 week old son has bf great until a couple of days ago. He has no problem latching on and pulls off but than relatches when m over active let down happens. now it seems when he empties my breast he wiggles all around and thrahes about. at this point I change sides but when he empties the other side he acts the same way. So tonite this happened and i pumped 1 oz from each side to give him a bottle. I pump the side in the morning that he does not feed off of and than feedhim about every 1-1 1/2 hrs during the rest of the day. At the hospital the lc told me that my beasts were "fleshee" and i am wondering now that i am no longer engorged if he is just not used to my breasts being "softer".. I am starting to get frustarted with how he is feeding. He is gaining weight just fine(when we left the hospital he weighed 5 lbs 9 oz and know he weighs 9 lbs 4 oz). does ayone have any suggestions of what i could do to make feeding easier on both of us? I have tried holding down his legs and hips but that just makes him move his head more with my nipple in it and that is starting to hurt!!

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    I have found that when my baby moves around too much at the breast it is because she has gas. Sometimes she sucks for a couple of seconds then lets go but goes right back to the breast. She cries when I take her off but once I give her a couple of pats on the back and she lets out the belch she replies with a huge smile. Try to burp him hopefully it helps.

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    Sounds like he is getting frustrated with the "slow flow". My DS does this once in a while (often after having a bottle).

    I found this article on kellymom quite helpful in realizing that this is normal and tips to deal with it:
    My baby fusses or cries during nursing - what's the problem?

    In my case I find that using bottles (even the so-called "slow flow" ones) is a bandaid solution and doesn't really solve things long term. Instead I use breast compressions and switching sides to get more flow going for him. If he's still fussy, I take him for a walk to distract him and then resume nursing later and he's more calm. He's 2.5 months old now and it happens much less frequently. I think he's realising that it's OK if the milk flows a bit slower sometimes.

    Hope this helps!

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