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Thread: Is he weaning?

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    Default Is he weaning?

    For the past week, DS (10 months) has shown very little interest in his last feeding before bedtime. He has traditionally fed from both breasts before going down for the night, but has started to only want one, and only for a short period of time. When I try to offer more, he gets upset and absolutely refuses to continue. He usually sleeps through the night, and this has not changed with his new eating habits. He is eating three small-ish meals a day of solids, in addition to ~3 bottles per day of EBM while I'm at work, plus one BF when he gets up in the morning. His intake of solids does not seem to have increased.

    I know that at some point babies no longer eat right before they go to bed - I just didn't think it happened this soon. Anyone else seen this?

    In some ways, this could be a blessing for me because I was planning on weaning at a year, he will not take a bottle from me, and has not yet mastered the sippy cup. But, I want to make sure he's getting enough to eat.

    When did your LO drop this last, before bed feeding? Can I safely assume that if he's not waking up to eat in the middle of the night, he just isn't hungry?

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    Default Re: Is he weaning?

    When you spend your weekend together how does his nursing pattern go?
    Is he doing anything new? Crawling, sitting, walking, teething? In some babies teething can cause the whole working of the jaw during nursing to become painful. Does this seem like a possibility? It is unusual for a 10 month old baby to actively begin weaning.

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