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Thread: Solids/Constipation/Trivisol liquid vitamins

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    Default Solids/Constipation/Trivisol liquid vitamins

    Hi, I started solids now and my DD is slowly getting used to them. However, she has become constipated. She hasn't pooped since Sunday and today is Friday. Yesterday I gave her pureed prunes and I know she is going to go today b/c she is tooting something awful! . I am wondering if this is normal with solid introduction or can it be the vitamins? I have only given it two her for two days b/c I am wondering if the iron is the cause? Any thoughts? There has been no change in her nursing.

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    My DD got real constipated too when we started solids. We called them her ouchy poops. She was in a lot of pain and we to had to help her get the poop out. I would back off the solids or stop completely and just BF a couple of days until her poop is back on track and then start back slowly. That's what we did. Hope she poops!
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    Us too, she has had trouble in the poop department, just 1/2 ounce of pear juice did the trick.

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    Vitamins with iron can cause constipation.
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    My opinion, I would discontinue both the solids and the vitamins, and come back to the solids later. Starting with meat, bone broth, or avocados may help keep the constipation at bay next time.

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