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Thread: yellow/green stools

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    I have a question.
    My lo was born at 36 weeks. He's a little guy with a tiny mouth. I'm pretty sure he's latching on good because I'm not sore, but he tends to slide down a little after a minute or two. I think that may be because my forceful letdown. He'll nurse for a good 10 minutes most times...sometimes more, sometimes less.
    The problem is he's having a mix of yellow and green stools. Most times its mostly green. I know this is probably because he's getting too much foremilk. I've tried nursing only on one side in four hour blocks and I've tried to just get him to nurse for longer periods of time. Neither have worked.
    His two week checkup is this coming Monday and I'm really hoping he'll be back at his birth weight (5lb 12 oz). I'm afraid, being a preemie, that his peds doctor will want me to supplement with formula.
    Is there anything else I can try?

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    Default Re: yellow/green stools

    sounds like you are doing the right things...
    my dd had the green poops and they got beter when I cut out cows milk.

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    My LO was also born @ 36 weeks and had a high level of Jaundice. She had issues latching on and because of the Jaundice she usually fell asleep after a few minutes of breastfeeding. I was using a breast shield for some time which helped her stay on but we had to be constantly waking her up to make sure she was eating. We used cold wash cloths and changed her diaper to help her but we ended up supplementing about once a day for about 2 weeks to make sure she was getting enough calories.

    After I met with a lactation consultant, things got much bettter. She was latching much better so we tossed the breast shield and since her jaundice was clearing her system she was staying awake a little longer.

    Even though she's eating well she is a slow weight gainer. She is at the bottom 5% in the growth chart when it comes to weight but she's doing well developmentally. The doc has mentioned to use formula to add more calories to her diet but because she has reflux and bowel irregularity issues, formula will do more harm than good. The doc said that some babies are just low weight gainers for a while and will eventually speed up as they get older.

    I never wanted to add formula to her diet and as long as your baby is on one of the growth curves he is doing well. DO NOT feel pressured into supplementing if your little guy is doing ok, those growth charts are created by formula companies anyways. If anything, pump and supplement with your own breast milk. Just keep helping him stay a little longer on each breast so that evetually he can get to the yummy hind milk.

    Good luck
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    Default Re: yellow/green stools

    Our little guy alternated yellow and green for a while but we were told not to worry about it. sounds like you guys are doing great.

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