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Thread: how long before baby forgets nursing?

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    Default how long before baby forgets nursing?

    I am trying to wean my son, but he is not exactly thrilled with the idea. He had done very well with the whole thing about a month ago and was really only nursing first thing in the morning and before bed. He even refused when I would offer, so I thought it was going well. Then he got an ear infection, so the doc suggested I not wean him. Now, he is better and we are back at the process. Now, he is sad about it, when before, he was fine with it. It seems to just have become habit for him, becuase he'll want to nurse right after he eats, so I know he's not hungry. Plus, I know he's not getting a lot from me since I've become pregnant. Infact, this morning he had an extremely full diaper (the fullest in a really long time) and he hadn't nursed in 24 hours, so he seems to be getting more fluids out of the sippy cup. It makes me sad, but I am pregnant again and I've been told that I need to get him weaned much before the baby is born so that he doesn't remember nursing. That way, he won't be sad when he sees me nursing the new baby (I'm not interested in tandem nursing). As of right now, I can't be around him without a shirt on because he tries to nurse - I have to admit, it's pretty cute, though! How long will this last? When will he "forget" that those things have milk in 'em?!?!?
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    Default Re: how long before baby forgets nursing?

    That is a really hard age to wean. (duh, you know this.) I don't know how long before they forget (I'm sure someone else will chime in), but if you can get the milk to dry up it will help a ton, even though he's comfort nursing more than nursing for fluid, it's just different when it's dry. Also, at that age, he will probably forget how to do it before he forgets that he loves it. So he may act fascinated in your breasts and touch them and find comfort resting his head there long after he stops sucking on them. And after a few months you let him try (like when he sees baby doing it), he won't latch quite right and probably won't want to go back to regular nursing. I think you have at least a few more months.

    I didn't wean that early, but the quickest results I got when limiting my toddler were from substitution.. aka bribes. Is there something he likes more than nursing? I don't like pushing junk food on a one year old, but I'm thinking lots of cuddles and slightly chocolate milk...

    I weaned my dd at three, so she still remembers. But she says it's not the same once the milk is gone; says "it's not as soft."

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