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Thread: help me to understand why

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    Default help me to understand why

    nipple shields seem to not be recommended and we should wean babies off of them.

    i don't have inverted nipples, however one my of friends who has been successful with bf told me to make sure i had these available as stand by...i'm not sure i'm using them for there true purpose but i find they truly help with protecting my nipples from cracking and and it reduces the pain when my baby boy latches. is there something i don't know...can this lead to infection, thrush?

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    Wink Re: help me to understand why

    Hi I have been using the nipple shields since DS was two weeks old. (he is 7 months now) He had cracked my nipples so bad that when he fed he had blood in his mouth!!! We have had great results with them. I have also heard many negative things, like it decreases the supply, and that they should only be used for a very short time. I, also, do not have inverted nipples, but small nipples if you will. DS would latch great but always work his way down to just the nipple and then they break and crack open really bad. If they are working for you, and you really need them, then stay with it. I ALWAYS make sure to wash them super good alot during the day.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: help me to understand why

    The use of nipple shields can affect your supply if not used under proper supervision / properly, hence why, as far as I recall, they recommend you do not use them for extended periods / without supervision.

    I would talk with an IBLC or a doctor versed in breastfeeding practices about it if you're truly concerned.

    For me, they just didn't work. She would feed for over an hour and still not be satisfied.
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    1 year and counting, no supply issues. Modern shields do not have the issues previous ones have had. I think if you are prone to supply issues, there might be some issues. However, it was the only way she would latch. The only real complaint I have is that initially they told me I HAD to pump after each time, and it led to oversupply issues, though who knows if that wouldn't have been an issue anyways. The other thing is that its harder to be discreet in public, but I got over that.

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    From an LLL article on mastitis:
    "Nipple shields can slow the milk flow and encourage infection. Use of pacifiers and artificial nipples can affect how baby sucks and contribute to nipple soreness and development of mastitis."

    Nipple shields: Friend or Foe? http://www.llli.org/llleaderweb/LV/LVJunJul00p39.html

    Hi mama,
    Welcome to the forum!

    Can you tell us more about your nipple pain? When does it occur- only during your latch? How old is your baby? What positions are you nursing in? Is your back and breast properly supported for comfort and ease?
    Here is another article on nipple pain: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/sore.html

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