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Thread: It's official, he is weaning himself!

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    it does sound like your LO is reverse cycling. My DS does not take the bottle (well, used to, then all of a sudden just refused) during daytime and would just nurse when he wakes up (6:30 am), when i get home (4:30 pm), then every 3 hrs after that (including wee hours in the morning!). He currently is learning to drink from a sippy. I did notice that during my spring break when we were together 24/7 and he can nurse during daytime he did sleep for as long as 6 hours (he is 10 months now) - and I count that as a blessing!

    If you have no issues with waking up every 3 hrs at night and your baby has good weight gain, then just wait a couple more weeks before he turns one.

    Reverse cycling works for me (eventhough i have not been getting enough sleep for almost a year now) because at least he can get nourished versus not having anything at all. It is really difficult but seeing how happy and how healthy he is is worth all the hardships.

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    Hi ,

    I would agree with PP's that it does not sound like your baby is weaning himself. This is a pretty typical phase that babies go through during the second half of the first year. They are becoming mobile, exploring their world, and don't seem to have time to eat. Reverse cycling is very common among babies this age.

    You might be interested to know that for many babies, night weaning is the last stage of weaning, not the first. Also, night weaning does not guarantee that your baby will sleep through the night. (I remember one mom who told me, "I weaned my son at 15 months so he would sleep through the night, and wouldn't you know it, he needed a glass of milk in the middle of the night until he was 3 years old!") Sleeping through the night is very individual. Some children naturally sleep through the night at a fairly early age, and some children take several years to sleep through the night. There are a fair amount of adults who don't sleep through the night!

    If you would like to encourage your baby to nurse more often during the daytime, a good idea would be to retreat to a quiet, dark room a few times a day. This is often what a busy little person needs to calm down enough to nurse. You might also consider how busy you are during the day. If you are very busy, spending a lot of time out of the house and very little time sitting down, your baby may be waiting until a less-busy time to nurse--at night! Mothers who are trying to wean are often told to stay on their feet as much as possible. If you want your baby to keep nursing, you may want to do the opposite.

    HTH. Hang in there!!


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