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Thread: Sore and achey what to do?

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    Default Sore and achey what to do?

    I've been feeling very achey for the past two days...I'm also having some breast tenderness..I think I have a clogged duct or two. I've been taking vitamin C and putting heat on my breasts but I was wondering how long I should wait to call the doctor. I don't want to call too soon because I don't think I need antibiotics or anything. I don't have a fever yet. What do you think?

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    Default Re: Sore and achey what to do?

    take your baby to bed and rest.
    If your not fealing beter in the am, or get a fever give your doctor a call.

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    Default Re: Sore and achey what to do?

    What you describe sounds a lot like the warm-up for a case of mastitis. The best thing you can do if that's what's going on is to drain the affected breast or breasts as frequently and as completely as possible.

    - Nurse as frequently as possible.
    - Vary your nursing position. Try to get the baby's chin pointing towards the plugged duct, as the strongest suction is generated in that direction.
    - Try all-fours nursing. lay your baby on her back and dangle the breast into her mouth. Gravity should assist her in drawing the plug out.
    - If only one breast is affected, start every feeding on that side as babies suck most aggressively at the beginning of a feed.
    - Moist heat. Try a warm bath or a warm wet washcloth on the nipple area before nursing, in order to help soften any plugs.
    - Keep yourself hydrated.
    - Get lots of rest.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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    Default Re: Sore and achey what to do?

    It sounds like Mastitis coming on to me. I have had 4 cases, and believe me, you should NOT wait to go to the doctor. The fever comes on extremely fast, and it's all downhill from there. My advise would be to go to the doctor ASAP before it gets any worse.
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    Ugh, I just got over a wicked bad case of mastitis, and of course, it hit over Easter weekend. The dr. who was on-call at my OB (not one of the regular doctors) didn't want to give me antibiotics, even though I had already had a fever for almost 48 hours and muscle aches so bad that I was in tears in the middle of the night. Easter Sunday I called again and this time got the midwife on call who said, "Why didn't the doctor give you antibiotics?" (His reason was that if the breast was not red, there was a chance of developing a resistant bacteria if I went on the antibiotics too soon. He also said that a breast pump would do a better job of emptying my breast than my little son would! Fat chance...)

    Go to bed, get your husband to cook for you for a few days, and if you have any fever, get antibiotics - fast.

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