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Thread: Stress and milk supply

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    Unhappy Stress and milk supply

    Hi all,
    The past few days I've had some pretty stressful situations out of my control. My 7 week old seems pretty fussy at the breast, and acts like she is starving. I can't help but feel my milk supply has dwindled. Does severe stress affect milk supply? Can anyone offer any suggestions. Does it rebound? I can't help but think I should give her some formula. I've been trying to exclusively breastfeed for the next 2 weeks to see how her weight gain is just on breastmilk alone...but I don't know if I'll make it now with the supply. Can anyone offer and advice? Has this happened to anyone else?
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    Default Re: Stress and milk supply

    Stress can cause a dip in supply. (more info on "low" supply help here) But checking her diaper output is the best way to be able to tell if she is getting enough. She might also be getting a little fussier, #1 because she's feeding off your stress, or #2 because she's entering into a growth spurt. Take it easy, relax and do your best to ease your stress at all costs.
    Keep in mind supplementing won't help your supply either Just be mindful of her output, if it's good, you're golden
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    The worst thing you can do to help your milk supply is to give formula. Unless a physician tells you that you need to do that because the baby's output isn't enough, I wouldn't (and didn't when my lo acted that way). They go through a growth spurt around 8 weeks or so, and your lo is likely going to nurse a ton to get your supply up. My lo is 9.5 months and is still fussy at the breast sometimes, I wouldn't assume you're not making enough milk based on that alone. Good luck
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    If you are worried about intake, then nurse baby more! The more you nurse, the more your LO will increase your supply. Nipple stimulation will signal your brain to tell your boobs to make more milk. And nursing has a way of calming the nerves...

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    I think it should take more than just some fussiness at the breast to really worry. If output is good, don't give yourself one more thing to stress about. I know when I'm stressed, I notice my little guy fussing more. But it may just be that I'm stressed so I notice more. Be gentle with yourself. You can do it!!

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    I would doubt fussyness at the breast is a supply issue. There might just be something else bothering her. In what way is she acting like she is starving?
    My DS goes through phases where he is really fussy at the breast. Sometimes it was his stomach that was bothering him, too tired, teething, over excited, distracted, ect. And I agree with the previous posters your body will make enough just keep trying! perhaps you can explain why you feel like she is acting like she is starving and see if anyone can help with that?

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