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Thread: let down issues

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    Default let down issues

    is it normal for let down to take a good 30 sec to min? its making my lo mad mad....

    used to not take so long.

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    Default Re: let down issues

    Hmm. . . I never really felt let downs so I am not for sure how long they typically take. Although, 30 sec to a minute does not seem like too long to me. Hopefully someone else can tell you if this is typical. While it generally takes longer to get a letdown with a pump than while nursing, I can tell you that on pumps with let down features the let down feature runs for 2 minutes. Here is a link to give you suggestions on how to help with let downs:

    Mom to Lainey (11-8-06)

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    Default Re: let down issues

    As my lo is getting older, I am noticing my let downs take a lot longer and sometime I feel none. I was told my a LC that this is normal, and that the baby would be just fine. My lo gets angry, but I try and talk to her and distract her(while still having her latched) from the slow let down. She is doing better with it now.

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