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Thread: What is the possiblity....

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    Default What is the possiblity....

    of having something wrong with my breastmilk? I don't have a wonderful diet, but I do eat veggies, fruit, yogurt, and protein every day. My baby is VERY small although the doc says that she is fine, she's just a peanut. She is just over 12 pounds at 7.5 months, however she is gaining at each visit. She has reached all of her milestones so far. She is sitting up, smiles ALL the time, plays, socializes, rolls, etc. She nurses about 5 - 6 times a day, and usually once in the middle of the night. My question is that my family is concerned about her weight (mom, sisters....) and they just won't let up. Every time they are around, they make some stupid comment about how she's hungry, or "THAT'S all your going to feed her!?!?!?". She is my 3rd child, and deep down I believe that everything is okay, but when you hear these comments every day, it makes trusting your own feelings difficult.
    So.....is it possible that something is wrong, and I'm just not seeing it? What are the chances that something is wrong with my breastmilk? Could it be missing something that's hindering my LO's growth?

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    Is your baby having the right amount of wet and dirty dipes? Can you see that what's going in is coming out?

    If milestones are being met and she's happy...I don't see how there could be a problem.

    Remember, your milk is specifically designed for your baby's needs. Some children are just petite, some are really big...neither is right.

    Don't let others make you doubt yourself! If you doc thinks all is well and so do you, trust that!
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    Sounds like you are doing great mama. If the docs not worried than neither should you. Don't let others opinions make you doubt yourself. Thank them for their concern/advice and then continue to do what you've been doing so far.
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    There are lots of mommas on here with petite babies (just like there are lots of mommas with big babies ). Every baby is different. I don't remember what DD weighed at 7.5 months but at 12 months she was just a little over 17 pounds which was in the 9th percentile. Her doctor was fine with it. She was developing and meeting milestones. When I questioned if there may be a problem with DD's diet since she was smaller than all the other babies we knew and we would occassionally get comments, the ped just said that someone has to be on the bottom end of the spectrum. It sounds like you are doing great. Your baby knows how to eat. Society is used to seeing babies fed formula. They can see how much they are eating and push more into them even when the baby may not really be hungry instead of letting the baby control its own intake. So, when a normal healthy bf baby comes along they think there must be something wrong because she is not as big. But, really, do we want to force babies to eat more than they need to. That is probably why we have such a problem in our society with obesity - we start pushing and training people to overeat when they are just babies.
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    I don't think there is anything wrong with your milk!!! Are you feeding on demand? If so then I would think your lo is all set espically if she is meeting milestones and happy and content and having enough wet dipes. are you offering the breast every 2 hours or so during the day?

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